Someone in my computer science class asked to have the final exam rescheduled so he could participate in some sort of Occupy “day of worker’s solidarity” protest (the answer was “no”, he seemed upset). This is the same guy who I once witnessed talking to campus police officers at the Board of Trustees meeting (Occupy people interrupted the event by entering, sitting in a circle, and chanting), passive agressively asking them to abandon their duty and join the revolution!.

Once more: The Revolution will never happen. Anarchy is not the answer. When Occupy Bloomington stops focusing on minute, immature, manufactured injustices (e.g., “boo, they won’t reschedule this final exam and stand in solidarity with The Workers!!”), then they will be able to get to the heart of the problems here. Now, however, they come off as immature, unrespectable, unkind, ideologues who are just in the game for the protest aesthetic. That’s not necessarily true of everyone, but impressions die hard I suppose.

Right now, the Occupiers are perceived by administrators AND students as a nuisance. With respect comes influence. It’s not until the Occupiers are respected at this university that they’ll have any actual legitimacy.